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Found a Cat?

Found a Cat?

If a cat is hanging around your home, it may just be a neighbour’s pet out exploring. Asking neighbours or a post on local social media groups, with pictures, may help trace the owner.

If you are still unsure whether the cat needs help, and can approach it safely, we recommend putting a paper collar on it.

Just write your concerns and phone number on a strip of paper and tape it as a loose collar on the cat. That way its owner can get in touch to reassure you the cat is looked after.

Templates are available here.

If the cat keeps coming back, one of our volunteers can come and scan it for a microchip.

If we cannot trace the owner and if the cat seems in distress, we may take it into our care.

Signs a cat needs help straight away are:

  • The cat is visibly underweight
  • The cat has obvious signs of illness or injury

Please take such cats to any local vet, who will be able to advise

But DON’T feed a healthy-looking cat. It probably has a home, and you will be enticing it away.

Our Scan Angels can also come out to scan cats killed in road accidents. Call us on 01799 252028. If no microchip is present, we may ask a local vet to help trace the owner.