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Success Stories

Success Stories

We’ve been called upon to help with numerous lost cats across the district. Here are a couple of the stories that made us smile!


A woman posted a photo of a stray cat in a Facebook group as she was worried the cat seemed friendly but obviously hungry. 

One of our volunteer scanners visited to check whether the cat was microchipped, which luckily it was. We were able to check national databases and found that he had been missing from Basildon for over a month. 

Contact details were up to date so we were able to get in touch with Oreo’s owners immediately. Oreo was reunited that day with his overjoyed owner and four feline siblings.

335x335 OreoBasildon


335x335 OreoBasildon


One of our volunteers went to a property in Barnston, Essex, after receiving reports of a stray cat. The cat was trapped but turned out not to have a microchip.

We scoured social media sites and found a possible match.

We were delighted to receive confirmation that this was indeed Freddie.

 After being missing for 18 months, Freddie was reunited with his family.